Friday, March 14, 2008

DESTINATION TRUTH: Haunted Island & Mongolian Death Worm

SciFi - Original Air Date: 3/12/08

The second show in the second season isn't quite as engaging as the first, but then, there's less good evidence at the end of these two investigations.  In the first part, Josh and his team go to an island off the coast of Africa to investigate an area supposedly plagued by ghosts which, at midnight, march across the landscape and enter a large hole in a particularly spooky tree.  The investigation is repeatedly set back by locals, one of whom claims to be possessed.  The villagers then force the crew to go through a series of bizarre rituals before Josh and the rest will be allowed to explore the site.  By the time all that is done, it's just a few minutes to midnight.  The crew rushes in and sets up their cameras and mics.  Not surprisingly, with things in such a hurry, stuff goes wrong.  The mic in the tree hollow malfunctions, and there's general chaos.  They do get two pieces of evidence -- one a floating orb on the IR camera (the "orb" looked like an animal in a tree to me), and one a strange white shape on the a night vision camera (the shape looked like the sleeve of a hoaxing villager to me).  So, not much conclusion there.  Even less in the Mongolian Death Worm (great name!) case.  After a brutally long drive into the Mongolian Desert, Josh and the crew spend a cold night chasing shadows and peering down holes.  The town they visit has been deserted because of the worm, but the crew finds no signs of it.  There are holes in the ground, and a few traces on the IR camera, but nothing that couldn't be made by normal local fauna.  Leaving, Josh and the rest believe it unlikely that any worm-like creature could survive in this clime and venture out during the winter.  (Which is when recent reports were coming in.)  Worth noting is the high quality of the night vision cameras on this show; Ghost Hunters could use equipment this good.

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