Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UFO HUNTERS - Alien Fallout

History Channel - Original Air date: 1/14/08

In December of 1980,near Houston, Texas, two woman and a boy were buzzed by a diamond-shaped object so hot it burned the women.  The craft was allegedly circled by helicopters before moving away.  The witnesses claim they saw (23) helicopters looking for something; others saw a craft moving over the trees.  Later, both women suffered mysterious illnesses and death.  The surviving boy, Colby, describes the craft spewing flame and heat at their car, and one of the women got out, fascinated.  Other witnesses also suffered illness.  A doctor opines that the symptoms the women had indicates radiation poisoning, though the hospital refuses to release their complete records (despite the doctor having treated one of the women for years).  Colby, now a man, seems to have no current medical effects from the incident -- though he was sick for several weeks after the incident.  Could there have been radiation damage to the road as well as the people?  Shortly after the incident, the road was torn up and resurfaced.  Road core samples prove inconclusive.  The crew talks to a military officer, who says the military has no record of 23 helicopters operating in that area -- though a hand-written note shows 100 copters landed at a nearby base that night.  However, other military people surreptitiously came to the women's doctor, and claimed that the craft they saw was a test of a "Wasp 2," a nuclear powered personnel transport, that went wrong.  The women sued the government and the military, but couldn't make the case stick.

In another case, in 1979, a Minnesota police officer's car was truck by a ball of light which broke the windshield, dented the car, and bent the areal.  Both the clock in the car and the officer's watch were 14 minutes slow after the incident.  The deputy first responder confirms some of the case's details to the team.  In a similar case in Australia, a family claimed to have their car lifted by a ball of light.  Amazingly, the police car from Minnesota survives, with the original impact marks.  Though the show says the evidence doesn't make sense (there should have been more damage at 65 mph), it seems to me that ball lighting, or some other EMF phenomenon might have caused such effects.

UFO team leader Bill insists that the Texas encounter is the work of Task Force 160 -- a secret military operations unit.  While I can't vouch for the unit identity, for once, I agree with Bill.  The features of this case have the hallmarks of a military test gone horribly wrong.  LIke the show's producers, I hope that details of such accident will some day be fully disclosed to the public.

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