Saturday, May 9, 2009

MONSTERQUEST: Mysterious Ape Island

History Channel - Original Air Date: 4/29/09

Another bigfoot show on MQ?  You bet!  It's been two or three weeks since the last one.  (Okay, maybe more, but....)  This one is set on Vancouver Island, near Seattle, WA, and Vancouver, BC.  Native American legends say that a large ape stalks the island.  From there, we get the usual interesting and compelling eyewitness reports (including an encounter in a camper, a sighting by a river, and a view from a boat) -- with witnesses who are sure the creature is not just a bear (or other animal) walking upright.  Investigators speculate tha the island's geography makes it a perfect place to search for bigfoot, so MQ sends a team to look into it.  They choose a spot called Meares Island, as it's had a lot of recent sightings.  Scientists, though, note there is neither fossil record nor living specimine to bolster the many claims.  The MQ folks do their usual surveillance and call blasting (which they claim has worked on previous expeditions -- though they seem to have neither audio nor video proof of this).  Another team has plaster casts of footprints analyzed (though it is unclear -- and unliekly -- that these prints are solely from the site being investigated).  The team thinks they spot some faded prints -- not enough to cast from -- and the expert seems to think the casts might be something unexplained.  And of course there are camera traps and surveillance with Fleer IR cameras.  But this is MQ, and if you expected them to actually find anything, you haven't been watching the show long enough.  Another day, another snipe hunt.  Personally, I look forward to the return of Destination Truth.

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