Sunday, February 7, 2010

MONSTERQUEST - Giant Pythons in America

History Channel - Original Air Date: 1/27/10

Another hunting for big animals episode where the fear factor is ramped up.  Are giant hybrid pythons 915-20 feet long and 400 pounds) a menace in America?  Expecting the usual scary witness stories (mixed with a little tragedy)?  Yep.  Got that.  Cool pictures of scary snakes?  Got that.  Notes about how the creatures are encroaching on human spaces?  Yep.  "Experts" describing both the danger and saying people are overreacting?  Got that, too.  And, of course, a fairly familiar band of monster hunters.  Check and double check.  And, just for fun, add in a hint of crossbreeding (even discounting a theoretical venomous python).  Yow, that's scary!

Which is to say that this is a pretty typical MQ known creature episode.  We've got some hunting going on, some scary stories, a bit of science.  At least in these sorts of episodes, we get to see the "monster" - though they never turn out as huge as advertised.  They do find a 10' specimen and some babies in the Florida wilds; so the snakes are out there, breeding where they shouldn't.  And there could be non-native venomous typs, too.  So, not a bad show, but nothing special.  (I still like the ideas of Pythons in Washington, DC, most.) 

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