Thursday, April 8, 2010

DESTINATION TRUTH - Jersey Devil & Yeren

SyFy Channel - Original Air Date 3/31/10

Josh & crew go to New Jersey to look for the legendary Jersey Devil.  After goofing around in the woods, they set up the usual camp and surveillance equipment and look for the beast.  They hear strange and frightening sounds (coyotes, it turns out), and spot something warm using the Flir during a helicopter trip -- but they can't pin it down.  Their night vision cameras even spot something flying through the treetops -- but for all the detail, it could be a UFO as easily as a monster.  In the end, they conclude that some "sightings" are certainly caused by local animals, like the coyote wails and the fleet-footed deer that dashes out in front of their car.  But whether there's a real monster...?  Again, this seems like an investigation where more time might yield more conclusive results.

Then they head out to China to look for the local bigfoot, the Yeren (spelled differently in other shows, I believe).  The Chinese government has set aside some habitat for this crypto beast, and Josh and company want to see if there's anything behind it.  One local expert believes he has actual yeren hair; sadly, they don't get to test the samples on their own.  'Nobody's better at almost finding monsters than us," observes one of the team as they head into the wilds.  Granted permission to explore an area normally forbidden to foreigners, they set up their usual high-tech surveillance and camera traps, then go looking for yeren.  They chase shadows in the woods and sounds in a cave, but find nothing.  Later, they chase more shadows through the woods, get some footage, and find some scat, which they take for analysis.  But the sample is too degraged to yield results, and their bit of Flir footage is too distant to yield any identification.  As the crew member said, "Nobody's better at almost finding monsters than us."

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