Saturday, September 25, 2010

DESTINATION TRUTH - Ghost of Haboro; Mngwa

SyFy - Original Air Date: 9/23/10

The DT crew goes to Japan to investigate a ghost and Africa to see about a mythical beast.  Haboro, Japan, was a mining town with a horrible safety record, and it's now purported to be huanted by ghosts. Locals note that it's not only dangerous because of ghosts, but because bears also live there.  The team goes down the officially-closed road to town and sets up camp in the spooky buildings and apartment complexes.  They spot some strange images on the Fleer (infrared) and encounter unexpected danger in rotted floors.  They also see strange lights and hear strange noises.  In the supposedly haunted 4th floor apartment, where they saw the Fleer hit, there's a makeshift shrine. Creepy.  They return to the US with plenty of EVPs and the strange Fleer image.  But could it be some kind of reflection?  Josh and company think the place is haunted.

In Tanzania, the crew is looking for the gray-furred, catlike man-eater, Mngwa.  They head for the Serengeti and talk to local witnesses. (I am impressed that some local hunters believe this creature to be real.)  At night, they do some stalking in a jeep, and more on foot, and see quite a few native animals.  (Kids, don't try this.)  They see a lot of eyes in the dark and take some print casts. But video shows nothing conclusive, and the print proves to be that of a large, very dangerous lion. The crew concludes that the mngwa most likely no longer exists, though its legend remains.

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