Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DESTINATION TRUTH: Jungle Temple Ghosts - Namibian Night Stalker

SyFy - Original Air Date: 4/5/11

First up, off to Thailand to look for the Phret, a spirit of the damned, which seems to be captured in a video, scaling a local monument.  The video is fuzzy (and seems like possible camera error to me), but the team heads off, talks to witnesses, and does the usual poking around in Bangkok.  They try to recreate the video with a variety of cameras, and then head out to a jungle temple reputed to house the spirit.  Ryder takes a bad spill on a dirt bike, needs stitches, and they regret not getting good-luck charms to avoid such accidents.  They deploy their usual base camp in the huge Khmer temple reputed to be the creature's lair.  They see mysterious lights inside and outside the temple and hear strange sounds.  Rex starts choking for no apparent reason, and red marks appear on his neck; Josh catches a mysterious heat signature on the FLIR, but they find no further evidence. The lights in the sky were probably distant fireworks or lightning; the light in the temple remains mysterious, as does Rex's incident, and the thermal hit.  The team fails to recreate the original monument video, but it still looks like a reflection problem to me.  Josh concludes, like all things in Thailand, what happened -- and the cause -- may come down to belief.

Next up, they head to Namibia (again with former teammate Jael) to look for the Night Stalker, a blood-draining beast.  (Like an African chupacabra.)  They head for a national park to find the beast, talk to the locals, and Ryder gets painted red by tribeswomen.  (She does Deja Thoris proud.)  They set up base camp, Jael arrives, and they prowl around in the dark (SOP).  They find a dead goat, avoid a live python, and nearly see some other animals in the dark.  Back home, the kills they discovered (goat & giraffe) are analyzed.  The giraffe, at least, was taken by lions.  The goat, the expert is less sure.  There could be something else out there, but for now we will all have to wait for more proof.


Autumnforest said...

Thanks for the review of the show's episode. The show has been going to so many outrageous places, that I find some episodes seem almost boring in comparison. Their problem now seems to be -- how to outdo themselves. I did get a chance to see the finale for next week in Antarctica and it was their best episode ever. I hope they can keep that creepy tone with next season's episodes.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

Thanks for the comment. Next week is last of the "season?" The length of these SyFy "seasons" -- or lack thereof -- is starting to annoy me.