Friday, June 29, 2012

FACT OR FAKED: Graveyard Lighting: Truck Stop Terror

SyFy - Original Air Date: 6/12/12

We all know the show's format by now, so I'll try to just hit the highlights.  Dismissed out of Hand: Lafayette Poltergeist - mono-filament line, pulling a chair & fridge door. Lowell Lights - A triangle of lights in the night sky, very similar to other things they've worked on. Real?  Uncertain.  Maybe later.  Alaskan Alien Light: A rare light pillar natural phenomenon.

This Week's Cases:  
Truckstop Terror: Mist/apparition in a bathroom, and a blue apparition on video. Hair on the lens? Plausible, close match. Mist from automatic air freshener?  Great match, too. On to the blue, floating entity.  Reflected car headlight? Barely visible.  Human with flashlight?  Blue flares but no figure, and laser is too bright.  Hoax reflection on Plexiglas?  Very close.  But let's ghost hunt. Bumping noises and an EVP that they claim says "Get out of here," but I'm not convinced.  So, some mistaken identity photos and hoaxes, but maybe haunted.

Graveyard Lightning Photos of light trails, mist, and lighting in a cemetery.  Plasma/ball lighting? No EMF fields to support that theory.  Accidental flashlight exposure "light painting?"  Good match for some photos. Hoaxed with neon lights? Too defined, first seemed easier and just as good.  What's the yellow mist?  Stirred up dust invisible except in flash? Close match.  But what about the man "catching lighting" photo?  They hook up a Tesla coil, and that plus some light painting is a great match.  Hoaxed, one and all -- though some say it might be camera & operator error.

Another good show (despite the ghost hunt) in a very good season of this series.

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