Sunday, January 27, 2008

DEEP SEA DETECTIVES -- The Loch Ness: The Great Monster Mystery

History Channel - Original Air Date: 2005

Divers may not be the best detectives, but they sure are intrepid. And the show's research is pretty good, too. What they discover in this episode is: Loch Ness is too murky to find much in, though it's deep enough to hide many secrets (including shipwrecks). A local believer takes issue with Adrian Shine's conclusion that the loch eco-system couldn't sustain a big animal population (while this is true, he says Shine doesn't take into account migrating salmon, which don't eat while spawning). There's also a focus on Robert H. Rines expeditions (though Rines original "monster" photos have proved dubious). Annoyingly, though the program is copyrighted 2005, it highlights a 2001 expedition in which Rines finds what may be a carcass (though the scale seemed wrong to me), which will be explored in a future expedition. No explanation of why no follow-up was done between 2001 and 2005. Surely that carcass, whatever it was, is gone by now.

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Anonymous said...

Various studies have shown that
there are not enough fish, MIGRATING OR NOT, eating or not, to support a BREEDING POPULATION OF NESSIES.

And on this I agree....

there is no flesh and blood
group of Nessies "as such" in the Loch.

Jon-Erik Beckjord -(filmed them, got stills, and have seen them) - ICS.