Sunday, January 27, 2008


CNN - Original Air Date: January 18, 2008

What do you get when you pit a dozen witnesses and believers against one lone and not-too-attractive skeptic? You get the kind of show that passes for "news" these days. Lots of flash and bang and very little substance. King asks annoying and often irrelevant questions, guests spar testily, and nothing is solved or much illuminated. What does come across clearly is that the complete inability of UFOlogists to admit when something has been debunked (Arizona lights) -- and this damages their credibility on everything else. The skeptic's stalwart nature can be annoying, too, but what can you expect when many on the other side treat UFO myths and conspiracy theories as though they were religious scripture? The "follow the money" principle would seem to imply that anyone making a living talking about UFOs -- and there are several on this show doing so -- are unlikely to be unbiased advocates. Perhaps most annoying of all is the cluttering of the show with UFO footage -- some "real," much fake, and some from TV and the movies ... with none of it labeled for what it is. When tornadoes struck Wisconsin unexpectedly this January, pictures from witnesses quickly showed up; even the "best" UFO photos are unclear by comparison. And I have no idea from this show whether any of the photos & videos shown were actually from Stephenville.

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