Friday, May 23, 2008

IS IT REAL? Russian Bigfoot

National Geographic Channel - Original Air Date: 2005-6

Does a Neanderthal survive in the Russian wilderness? Is the almas a survivor of prehistoric times, a wildman, or the Russian bigfoot?  A Russian woman claims to have seen one such caveman during a camping trip.  But scientists want physical proof.  Other wildmen, like the Yeti and Yarin are mentioned -- but this Russian beast is supposed to be more human than those.  The show's cryptozoologist searches Mongolia for the almas.  Again, more witnesses, but no proof, and his motion camera, bait, and stakeout catch nothing.  He finds some interesting caves, but no signs of the creatures.  A historical account says a wild woman named Zanna (sp?) was captured and may have been an almas.  Fortunately, the skull of Zanna and her (half-human) son are available for examination, and our DNA expert from the Ape-Man show make a return appearance.  The DNA proves that Zanna and her son were modern humans, and their skulls look modern as well.  The scientists doubt that neanderthal's survive, but believers refuse to give up hope.

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