Wednesday, May 28, 2008


History Channel - Original Air Date: 5-28-08

Similar to the Hogzilla show on National Geographic, this show looks at recent incidents of giant hogs in the southern United States.  Are these relics from a past age?  Hybrids?  Domestic animals gone wild?  Or merely exaggerated.  Pictures seem to support the existences of witness reports, and domestic hogs certainly get that big.  But can such a large hog survive or even thrive in the wild?  Examining the skull of one such monster seems to indicate it began life in a hog pen.  The show sets game cameras, traps, and even a 'critter cam" (attached to a wild hog) in an attempt to capture proof of the existence of mega hots.  Texas, a hotbed of hog activity, is the location for the search.  The experts involved quickly locate some hog packs and get some pictures that seem promising, so they set their trap.  And they catch a candidate for their critter cam.  They then have to stay close to the hog to get the live broadcast signal from the cam.  An animal expert shows that the big hogs killed were either domestic raised, or their size was overestimated by hunters.  (Would a hunter ever exaggerate his kill?)  Unfortunately, critter cam proves no luck with tracking down a mega hog, either.  Despite the lack of conclusive evidence, Hunters and wildlife wardens remain convinced that giant hogs are out there.  While another good show in the MonsterQuest series, I'm hoping that the rest of "season 2" will have more proof and less padding about the monsters they're questing for.

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