Saturday, March 14, 2009

MONSTERQUEST: Snowbeast Slaughter

History Channel -- Original Air Date - 3/11/09

People believe that a strange creature that slaughters animals is wandering the mountains of Colorado.  (Yes, it's another bigfoot-by-another-name MQ show.)  Stories date back to the 1800s, but wildlife expert Bill Heicher believes that if such creatures were real, they would leave tangible signs -- and none have turned up.  Sightings seem to center near Pike's Peak, including yeti-like tracks in the snow.  MQ sends a team to conduct an aerial search, and a ground team, too.  They also run computer analysis of the sightings to pick a likely place and time to search, and then set up the usual camera traps (including an infrared).  The show recounts eyewitness sightings, including one witness, former military, who says the creature rose up out of a beaver pond 200 yards away from him, and another man who photographed (fake looking) tracks.  A third witness believes his horses were mauled by the creature.  One expert says that he's seen images of tracks that could only be from some unknown animal -- or fake.  He quickly identifies the snow tracks as common animals.  He's not sure about the track in the dirt (which looks fake to me), and an experiment suggests that to make a print that deep, the creature woudl have had to weigh more than the largerst bear every found in Colorado.  But, the traps and helicopters turn up nothing, and thus we finish another monster-free MonsterQuest.

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