Saturday, March 28, 2009

UFO HUNTERS - Underground Alien Bases

History Channel - Original Air Date: 3/25/09

Bill, Pat, and new semi-skeptic Kevin investigate rumors of  an underground base, possibly alien or collaborating with aliens, in Dulce, New Mexico.  Kevin points out that they don't even know there's an underground base in the area -- never mind a strange & sinister one -- and just determining if there is a base would be good place to start.  Naturally, there are "investigators" on site already convinced of both the base and the alien conspiracy.  These people tell stories about aliens taking over the base and invading flying saucers that sound more like a video game backstory than reality.  While Pat and Kevin talk to a native american who claims to have seen a UFO as big as three football fields in the area -- which is a well-known UFO base -- Bill talks to someone in Vegas about the "Dulce Papers," which claim there is a 7-level alien/human genetics experiment lab under a local mesa.  That person has sketches of experiments supposedly drawn from photographs.  The more "experts" the team talks to, the wilder and more video-game like the story becomes.  When the stories devolve into crossing humans and animals, even Pat becomes skeptical (but not Bill).  The expert also claims that a huge network of undergrount tunnels and shuttles webs the area.  Cattle mutilations enter the picture, and a local sherrif says that the cows eren't killed by ET, but by military exercises -- and he has pictures of unmarked helicopters as "proof."  He also has a picture of a "creature" incubated in a (now dead) cow.  But the "human-shaped" head on the picture doesn't look like a hybrid to Pat (or me).  A geologist says that the mesa in Dulce is big enough to hold a 4-mile-wide base, but some strata of rock would not be self-supporting.  The team hires a guide and goes to the mesa top looking for vents, but finds only TV station repeater antennae.  The guide says he knows there's 14 miles of tunnels under the mesa, but he refuses to show the team where their exits are.  Since this is all on a reservation, the team doesn't press for more tangible info.  (The entire area seems a hotbed for alien-tunnel-UFO folklore.)  The team then visits the Greenbrier former secret government fallout shelter in White Sulfer Springs, WV -- just to prove secret underground bases can exist.  And while the base is impressive, there's still no tangible evidence for the stories centering around the huge mesa in Dulce.  Bill, though, believes every word of every story.  As usual, this show gathers pieces of many differnt stories and then tries -- unconvincingly -- to tie them into one alien-conspiracy whole.  But there remains no tangible proof.

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