Thursday, November 5, 2009


History Channel - Original Air Date: 10/29/09

History broadcast 4 new episodes of this show on one day. This one followed the one on MIB, and picks up the Dougway Proving Grounds-UFO connection.  The premise is that Dougway is the new home of the UFO-back-engineering that used to be at Area 51 (before it was outed).  The base is now equipped for a Space Shuttle (alternate) landing.  One former worker tells of strange lights in the sky.  UFO researchers claim to have been intimidated when staking out the site from public land.  As they talk near the base, Dougway reps come out and tell them not to film - despite their permits.  A Public Relations officer says Dougway is the nation's chem-bio testing facility, and they test protection equipment for military and civilian applications -- but she won't discuss any private contractors on the base.  She says the no-overflight airspace is to assure privacy -- but she knows of no UFO technology at the base.  (She seems amused by the question, and says she's been asked that before.)  After hearing more tales about the base, the UFO-H team decides to sneak up to it on mountain bikes, to try and get closer to the gates without being noticed.  They see some destroyed vehicles, but nothing unusual.  Another witness, former cop, claims to have seen a circular UFO, followed shortly thereafter by military jets.  He also says he found decapitated horses in the area - which the show connects to either UFOs or secret laser weapons.  Another witness, Alien Dave, has pictures of a strange glow at the base, perhaps a laser or other beam weapon - followed by UFOs.  He also claims to have seen planes vanish in mid flight, and invisible vehicles kicking up dust.  Kevin concludes that there's not enough evidence to show area 51 has moved here, or that there is any alien technology.  Bill and Pat disagree.  Then, oddly, the show wraps up with a recap segment of the whole series that makes it seem like the end of the show (though History played 2 new shows that night).  Did the series probe the truth about UFOs, as they claim, or did it merely reinforce 21st century myths?

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