Thursday, November 5, 2009

UFO HUNTERS - The Silencers

History Channel - Original Air Date: 10/29/09

This episode looks into Men In Black (MIB) and includes witness interviews with people who make various strange claims. One claims the MIB shot his son, another claims to have a single picture of one.  (Looks like a guy in a suit.)  Another claims to have been intimidated numerous times by alien-like MIB - though his artist's sketch looks like an Asian-American.  That witness has passed lie detector and stress tests -- but does that make his story true?  Another believes that there is a network of underground bases for reverse-engineered near the Grand Canyon.  Another claims that MIB researchers die early and mysteriously.  (At least Kevin points out that people do die from seemingly innocuous causes.)  Another man, Dave, claims MIB came to his house and demanded he remove info from his web site after he posted info about military projects at (or near) Dougway Proving Grounds. (The Wayback Machine has a numerous versions of Dave's site archived here -- but I'm not about to sift through to see if what he claims is in the archive.)  Others claim to have been visited by MIB after poking around the same area.  As the UFOH team talks to these folk in the desert, several "black" helicopters fly nearby. They also observe a man dressed in black get into a truck on the restricted compound. Kevin points out that these "encounters" are merely chance, the military going about their usual business.  Bill, naturally, sees conspiracy.  And, as usual, the rest of the stories in the show seem to be taken on face value, with very little investigation.  Perhaps this series should could be more accurately called "UFO Believers."

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