Saturday, December 5, 2009


SyFy - Original Air Date:

After finding a yeti print in a previous expedition to Nepal, Josh Gates and company head out to look for the monster again, this time in Bhutan -- which has an actual nature reserve dedicated to help the possibly mythical creature survive.  They talk to the locals, nearly run into a rare fire ceremony with their car, and see some reputed yeti bones.  Then they head into the wilds to find the creature.  They chase sounds across several rickety bridges and get a brief thermal image.  They then move deeper into the countryside to continue their search.  There, they climb across rugged rocks and poke into narrow caves.  They see something on the thermal camera and chase it up a hill and across a chasm on an ancient tram... in the dark.  But they're stopped by a deadly chasm river, and have to head back home.

The vertebrae seem to have come from an Asian black bear.  The hair sample turns out to be from some large primate, with a previously unknown DNA sequence.  Despite this exciting evidence, I have to conclude that the thermal hits were either nothing unusual, or too blurry to make out what they were -- as they are not mentioned in the show's wrap-up.  A good "mid-season" finale for DT, which remains the strongest of the monster- and ghost-hunting shows.

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