Saturday, December 5, 2009

DESTINATION TRUTH - Werewolf & Arica Monster

Syfy - Original Air Date: 10/28/09

Josh and team go looking for Werewolves in Romania and dinosaurs in Chile.  The werewolf hunt starts with a very cool simulation that my friend Linda Godfrey might enjoy.  Taking a train deep into Transylvania, the crew check with local folks and check out local wolves before heading into the field.  Poking around in some caves, they find some "human" bones and strange fur, which they bag.  They then arrive at the area marked by a white cross -- really -- where werewolves have been recently sighted.  In the woods, they find strange footprints, hear howling, and see glinting eyes in the darkness.  After one of the crew takes a bad fall, and another falls sick, they head back home to analyze what they've found.  The prints they found seem to be from wolves, though one is much larger than a normal wolf.  As yet, though, they've no proof of an actual werewolf.

The Arica is a three-toed dinosaur-like creature living in a remote Chilean desert.  After talking to the locals who claim to have seen the fast, 3-toed beast, they ATV out into the desert, and there they find some strange, 3-toed prints.  They poke through the rocky and hazardous canyons at night, and find a partially eaten canine paw.  Strange sounds, lead them through a dangerous night chase, but they find nothing.  The prints, it turns out, are from an actual dinosaur -- iguanadon (though not recent), but the dinosaur expert suggests the locals are seeing a rare, ostrich-like bird called a rhea.  Again, a fun chase, but no actual monsters for Destination Truth.

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