Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DESTINATION TRUTH - Ghosts of Masada & the Leprechaun

History Channel - Original Air Date 3/17/10

This review will be short, as a change in DVRs left my recorder unprepared to catch this new show in the series.  However, I did manage to catch most of it on a late-night re-run (while admittedly half asleep).  So, Josh & the crew go to Israel to look for ghosts, and Ireland to look for the little people.  They have the usual spooky encounters and just-before-the-break cliffhangers  Because they're amusing people, I'm amused.  On Masada, a forbidding hilltop fortress, they catch a mysterious, shadowlike figure on film where no people should be -- i.e. atop a long-deserted ruin when they're the only people around.  In Ireland, they catch some thermal hits and a few odd lights, but no solid proof of the little people.  As usual, the show gets by on the charm and (mis)adventures of Josh & the crew.  If you liked them last time, you'll probably like them now - especially in their swimsuits (in the Dead Sea).  Mostly, it seemed a pretty standard show.  If I have a chance to catch the full episode, and there's something more of note, I'll do a longer review or add to this one.

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