Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MONSTERQUEST - Sierra Sasquatch

History Channel - Original Air Date: 3/17/10

You'll never guess what's on MonsterQuest for this Saint Patrick's day?  Yep, another Bigfoot show.  I guess this shouldn't be surprising, my Bigfoot blank book is one of my best sellers.  So if MQ has gone to this well damn often, maybe we can't blame them.  Bigfoot is, well, big.

We start with Butch Young, a military trainee who had an encounter with 2 bigfoots (bigfeet?) during a nighttime wargame patrol.  He and his patrol didn't get a good look, but they know the humanoids they saw in the hills that night weren't other people in their maneuvers.  They have another military eyewitness -- this time in the day -- later in the show.  John Mionszynski is skeptical; he thinks most "bigfoot" tracks are known animals misidentified.  Naturally, MQ has to send out teams - including regular Jeff Meldrum - to look around, and examine, er, footage.  They take up a plane that can glide silently to do some recon, but turn nothing up.  They then look at a vacation film, from an anonymous family, that shows a mystery creature - which the science team will analyze.  The photo experts set up cameras and do some pretty accurate measuring, trying to determine how big the shape actually was.  The show is also working with a tracker this time, and the MQ team sets up a test to see if he's any good; the tracker does amazingly well.  But, they don't find new, conclusive prints, just one similar to ones found by a local witness.  A juvenile, maybe, they speculate.  Then they compare some human prints with some they believe are bigfoot.  Some of the prints they've taken might be juvenile bigfoot, though they certainly look human to me.  Of course, no one knows what a juvenile sasquatch print would look like.  The tracker says there isn't enough evidence to know.  Unfortunately, passage of time and weathering have made it difficult for the film experts to calculate the creature's height - 6-8' is the closest they can get.  But it still looks like a bear or a guy in a bulky costume to me.  So, once again, nothing conclusive.  Maybe when Destination Truth starts up again, we'll get some actual monsters.

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