Sunday, March 13, 2011

BEAST HUNTER: Nightmare of the Amazon

National Geographic Channel - Original Air Date: 3/5/11

Pat Spain goes to the Amazon looking for the mapinguari -- either a beast or an evil spirit, which the show describes as a one-eyed monster(with a sideways face), slashing claws, a noxious stench, a mouth in its chest, and a savage howl.  It also supposedly protects the forest from clearcutters.  To ingratiate himself to the locals, Pat undergoes a ritual involving being stung by bullet ants (so called because the sting feels like being shot).  Talking to witnesses, Pat theorizes that a giant anteater may be responsible for at least one attack.  Another scientist theorizes that the beast could be a giant ground sloth (supposedly extinct).  Pat does some call blasting, and gets a reply (which sadly does not show up on their audio).  He also gets a witness to pick the giant sloth out of a lineup.  Interesting theory, but next time I hope we'll have more evidence.

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