Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DESTINATION TRUTH: Haunted Island Prison - Ucumar

SyFy Channel - Orignal Air Date: 3/22/2011

First, Josh & crew head to Panama to check out a notorious prison of the country's former dictator.  Located on an island, it is remote and was difficult to escape -- a hellish place for inmates.  On the way there, the team has the usual adventures, talks with locals (including former prisoners), and nearly gets drowned trying to kayak across the ocean surf.  When there, they poke around the complex at night, hear strange sounds, and get frightened by a . . . frog.  Later, they meet with Ghost Hunters International's Kris & Barry to review evidence. An orb turns out to be caused by a spider web, but they're too easy on a fuzzy sounding EVP (in my opinion).  Strange noises and "footsteps" they heard remain mysterious, and Josh concludes the inmates seem to be serving an "afterlife sentence."

Next, the team heads to Argentina to look for the bigfoot-like ucumar, which their recreation makes look like half bigfoot, half rat.  After stopping in Rio De Janero, they head to Salta, Rosario, the El Ukumari Ranch, and the outback -- after talking to ranchers and local witnesses, of course.  They set up camp and go tromping around in the dark (with horses at one point), looking for the beast.  They find some bones and some footprints, hear a mysterious sound, and get a thermal camera hit they can't track down.  Back home, the bones turn out to be dog and the print from a bear -- an endangered animal virtually unknown in this part of Argentina.  Josh concludes that the very rare bear is likely the truth behind this legend.


Autumnforest said...

I feel like I'm cheating reading this because they haven't shown it yet here in AZ. I'm still excited to see it. I just like to see them in cool places. Great review. You really have a great writing style for this!

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

Thanks for the kind words. Hope I'm not "spoiling" you!