Sunday, January 15, 2012


Animal Planet - Original Air Date: 1/1/12

Matt, Cliff, Bobo, and (most importantly) Ranae are back for another season of looking for (and probably not finding) bigfoot.  This show starts with a shadowy video (from New York state) of something apparently swinging in a tree, perhaps, they suppose, a baby bigfoot.  It looks like a jumping jack doll to me -- or maybe some kind of pet monkey, but when good video is thin, I guess you've gotta follow every lead you can.  Ranae (the skeptic) points out that with an image this small and grainy, it's hard to tease any reliable data from it.  Cliff believes that the "baby" figure jumps from the shoulder of a larger figure into the tree. This seems to say "handler" to me, though the group thinks it's a parent sasquatch.  So, they go talk to the witnesses, check the scene, and all the usual stuff.  Comparison on location shows the creature to be only 1/3 of Cliff's size.  Suggestion of a gibbon seems more sensible, but Bobo thinks it's a baby "squatch."  So they set up surveillance & do a night hunt, and hear "knocks" which to most of them is an indication that bigfoots are ... afoot.  Matt & Ranae find a deserted house, and Matt wants to see if there is a mattress a bigfoot might have lain on to get out of the cold.  (Really.)

This year, they're apparently leaving people in the field to do further investigations, so Ranae stays behind to see if she can find anything that will make her a believer.  The rest go talk to locals, to hear about experiences in the area.  A local zoologist points out that these woods are big and could contain unknown animals.  Ranae sees deer but no squatch. Cliff interviews someone whose tent was attacked by something large, possibly sasquatch, and Matt talks to a witness who saw one in the road -- maybe.  Matt theorizes that the bigfoot travel along the Appalachian Trail.  The group does a hunt along the Trail, this time with a borrowed baboon, hoping to use the animal to lure in the sasquatch.  As usual in night hunts, they hear strange sounds, but ... big surprise, find no actual bigfoot.  Which, I suspect will be a continuing trend this season.  (As it was last season.)

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