Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DESTINATION TRUTH - Alien Invaders; Swedish Lake Monster

SyFy - Original Air Date: 7/24/12

Josh & team go to Kazakhstan to search for fallen UFOs.  There, they fool around with the locals, as usual, and talk to witnesses, some of whom claim the government took away the mysterious fallen sphere. Which, in fact, Josh discovers the government has done, and they then take him to see it.  (What a change from the usual story!)  They let him photograph the sphere and even take a small flaked-off piece for analysis, as they don't know what it is.  (Looks like one of those spheres that used to ring Soviet space capsules to me.)  They go to the forest where the alien reports come from, set up camp, and go hunting in the dark.  They see a shooting star, find a warm chunk of metal, and see a strange light moving quickly across the sky.  (Satellite? Space Station?)   The sphere turns out to be titanium, and shows traces of melting, perhaps from reentry. So, they take their evidence to a UFO expert. The photos that started this quest he declares a missile shot from the local spaceport: the Cosmodrome, the biggest spaceport in the world; the sphere is likely a fallen Russian satellite.  The first light the UFO expert declares a shooting star; the second he doesn't know -- though it still looks like a space station (with tether extended to a trailing instrument pack) to me.

Then the team is off to Sweden to look for the Great Lake Monster, the Swedes' snake-like Loch Ness beast, which is protected by law.  The team eats strange food (moose) and talks to the locals.  There is a local, government-sponsored, monster-hunting research center which has 2 pretty mysterious-looking videos: one shows an eel-like tendril/creature underwater, the other 2 strange humps moving across the lake.  Josh spots something on the thermal during a flyover, but when they surround it with jet skis, it's gone, perhaps vanished into the deep.  So they go diving in the dark, cold waters, but find nothing. A night water investigation must be called for, because you always have to hunt monsters at night.  (Or it wouldn't be scary.)  And you know, I always wonder about chasing after shy monsters with noisy speedboats (or other motor vehicles). Holy heard you coming miles away!  They get a hit/wave on their thermal and something big on sonar before heading back to LA to talk to Lee Kats, biologist.  He thinks the the eel-like thing is strands of algae and the humps possibly something drifting. The thermal hits from plane & night suggest some kind of animal, clearly not cold blooded.  Some sightings are clearly misidentified, but perhaps something still lurks in the lake.

Another fun show, as usual, made more interesting by cooperative governments not looking to cover up UFOs and an official Swedish monster-hunting team.

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