Friday, August 31, 2012

DESTINATION TRUTH - Spirits of Tika; Creature from the Black Lagoon

SyFy - Original Air Date 7/31/12

Josh, Ryder, & crew go to Tikal, a Mayan city in Guatemala to look for ghosts.  If you've read these reviews before, you know the drill: They go to the area, hang out with the locals, and then investigate the (ancient, deserted) city -- wandering around in the dark and scaring themselves. They have camera trouble, but I think this more likely due to environment than supernatural stuff.  Though they do catch mysterious illumination of a temple wall, where no people were (bio luminescence or static?) and some EVPS, which y'all know I don't really believe in.  (If that's the best ghosts can do, why worry?)  They also have "personal experiences," but I'm not too fond of those as evidence, generally, either.

Then the crew goes to Fiji to look for a sea monster plaguing the local mangrove swamps.  The usual talking to witnesses and local scientists follow, as well as hanging out and clowning around.  (Really, if you've seen this show, you know how it works.)  Diving offshore during the day, they encounter some big bull sharks, but no monster.  Poking around at night, they see ripples on cameras, and Josh gets knocked off of a raft that he unwisely stands on.  But he isn't eaten. Back in LA, their evidence is largely inconclusive, but their scientist expert suggests an invasive marine green iguana, which can grow to six feet long -- and would be unknown to locals.

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