Monday, December 3, 2012


Animal Planet - Original Air Date: 12/3/2012

The team goes to the Sierra Nevada Range (CA) to investigate ongoing sightings, recordings of strange sounds, and smudge prints. My favorite "bigfoot excuse" of the show: "It could be a sasquatch trying to sound like a coyote." Really?  Why not analyze that recording with an expert (and not a bigfoot expert).  The smudges in question were left on the windows of a truck and are described as "looking like gorilla prints."  But Cliff can't recreate them, his anatomy is wrong (as are the hands of all primates), and Ranae conjectures that a bear is more likely.  Indeed.  Later, on one of the traditional night investigations, Matt momentarily mistakes Cliff for an unknown creature on IR camera.  The usual tromping around in the dark, town hall meeting, and witness interviews ensue.

Ranae is stumped by one story in which a woman describes a huge, hairy creature leaning on her window momentarily before it moves away.  It's much too large to be a human, and Ranae concludes either the woman is delusional, or she saw something that can't be explained.  Another witness story has Ranae saying "too far away to be sure," but the believers are certain that the sighting was a bigfoot.  The team also visits some ancient Native American pictographs that supposedly depict bigfoot; the believers are thrilled to see them, but the show doesn't let us know (resident skeptic) Ranae's thoughts.  A final night investigation yields a sound that seems like a falling tree (though they don't GPS the spot to investigate during the day), but nothing more.  So, again, many stories, no proof.

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