Monday, November 26, 2012


Animal Planet - Original Air Date: 11/25/12

The team goes to Oklahoma to investigate bigfoot reports and a possible hair sample.  Despite the huge farms and flat areas of the state, the monster sightings center around wooded riverlands.  Roger Roberts, the guy with the hair sample, also has footprint casts (which don't look like much to me or team scientist Ranae) with a 57" stride.  Ranae manages to re-create the stride (at a jog and run), but notes that the straight line of the prints felt awkward to recreate; she also likes the hair samples -- hoping for real proof at last.  Naturally, night investigations and town-hall meetings follow, but only after they take the hair to a DNA lab (where Bobo accidentally knocks things over).  We'll see what the tests turn up later.

I won't remark much on the interviews or searches, as they follow the standard format, as does Ranae's solo camp out.  One witness, a wildlife officer, does have some blurry camera pictures, though -- which Bobo & Matt think look staged.  Until the witness explains the circumstances, then (being believers), Matt, Bobo, and Cliff change their minds.  Too bad no Ranae point-of-view on this, though she does hear a howl she can't identify on her camp out (and too bad no audio on that).  So, more hearsay evidence, this time from the team itself.  Later tromping around in the wilds turns up nothing solid, either.  Nor does the lab report, which is so anticlimactic that they put it in mid-episode.  The hairs aren't human, but no conclusions on what they might be are drawn.  Despite this, the group makes much out of the fact that these hairs have never been cut (but rather were worn and torn naturally).  But that's it.  Really?  Not much payoff for a big build up.

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