Monday, November 19, 2012


Animal Planet - Original Air Date: 11/18/12

Matt, Cliff, Bobo, and (most importantly for me) Ranae head to Vermont to check out a controversial picture and look for sasquatch.  The photo from a trail camera shows some kind of hairy beast amid fallen apples.  The three male team members think it's a bigfoot and child reaching down to get apples.  Ranae wonders if it is someone in a costume (but I wonder about mistaken identity, and remember the famous "bigfoot" game camera photo that turned out to be a bird).  They decide to do a night hunt in the area where the picture was taken.  They hear "knocks" and noises, but nothing more.

Then we do the standard town-hall meeting and talking to witnesses, with Cliff camping out alone to see what he can find.  After the usual compelling stories (with Ranae being skeptical), the whole team ATVs into the back country for more tromping around in the dark.  They howl and knock (and only hear one possible knock back).  So, again, the usual evidence -- or lack thereof -- and a fuzzy photo.  I believe that, if there are such creatures, game cameras (and phone cameras) may be the best chance of finding them, but this photo didn't convince me (or Ranae).


The Great Macaw said...

I looks very much like a raptor, either owl (wings tucked in) or possibly a hawk. The bird swoops down from an upper branch, and trips the motion sensor as it flies very close to the lens. It is disappointing that all the BFRO's explanations are from the frame of reference that it must be a seven foot tall creature standing on the ground, rather than exploring the simpler and naturalistic possibility of a much smaller bird in flight close to the camera lens.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

I'm with you. (And I think Ranae might be, too.)