Sunday, November 11, 2012

FINDING BIGFOOT: Untold Stories: Meet the Squatchers

Animal Planet - Original Air Date: 11/11/2012

This episode looks behind the scenes on the making of the show and includes a Q&A with the team - Matt, Cliff, Ranae & Bobo - and the Executive Producer, Keith Hoffman, and show runner, Chad Hammel.  They talk about the difficulty of working with a 7-8 person crew in the wild in the dark.  They mention one of the segments that pissed me off, where a "mysterious" animal was shown in a segment and then never explained.  (Turned out it wasn't a deer, as I had thought, but a horse.)  And apparently leaving it a mystery was the producer's idea, and 3 team members nearly quit because of it.  I don't blame them; it made them look like idiots.

They talk about the hazards of the show, including poison oak and a balloon crash, and demonstrate the hunter-cam rig they wear when tromping around in the dark.  They interview Ranae on what it's like to be the skeptic among believers, and the experiences that shake her skepticism.  They also talk to a 14-year-old witness from an upcoming show.  Then they show off their bigfoot calls, and teach the producer to try one.

All in all, an interesting behind-the-scenes glimpse of the show that gives an appreciation on what goes into making the series.

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