Friday, February 1, 2008


SciFi Channel - Original Air Date: January, 2008

This show has been on for a few weeks now, and it still seems to be struggling to get its legs.  The levels of "proof" for a haunting on GHI seem to be lower than those for the original Ghost Hunters.  Perhaps the producers and investigators are reluctant to completely debunk haunted locales with a history stretching back hundreds or even thousands of years.  (I've noted the increasing tendency to declare places "haunted" in the original show as well.)  The other problem is that the new show lacks the force of Jason and Grant holding it together.  Rob and Andy do a good job, but the chemistry isn't nearly the same.  Also, the show seems to be quickly falling into a recognizable pattern.  Next time you see it, expect to see: Rob and Andy will cleverly debunk things (and then not mention those debunks in the Reveal); Donna and Shannon will have creepy feelings and get scared while in some spooky dark place; Brian and Barry will see shadows and movement and hear something mysterious (this was Brian's job on the original show, too).  And the whole crew will express initial "skepticism" but turn out pleased at how many "genuine" experiences they've had.  I do have hopes this show will improve, but many of the cast members need to be more truly skeptical and less skittish.

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