Thursday, February 7, 2008

UFO HUNTERS - Hist. - Unidentified Submerged Objects

History Channel - Original Air Date: 2/6/07

This episode of History's UFO Hunters takes the gang to Catalina, CA, to look into numerous reports of UFOs and USOs -- no, not the military support group, Unidentified Submerged Objects (that's flying saucer in the water to most of us).  The scientist member of the team is a bit more prominent in this episode -- especially when investigating a sunken plane supposedly downed by a USO -- but it's still eyewitnesses telling stories that  form the bulk of the show's "proof."  There's even a point where one of the sightings is explained by the media as "kid with weather balloons," but of course our investigators aren't having any of that.  (Any UFOlogist worth his salt knows the government and media never tell the truth.)  The most interesting parts of this episode involve a water tank test, proving that an airplane could drift into deeper water over time, and a test showing that a powerful electromagnet placed right next to an internal combustion engine can stop the engine.  All of which proves exactly nothing.  In the end, as in the first week, the investigators find no scientific proof, seem to end up just taking the witnesses at their word, and give credence to really outlandish theories (an underwater UFO base).  The people in Catalina are clearly seeing things, but these investigators aren't shedding any light on what they may be seeing.  It also strikes me that it's odd that in their second episode, these UFO Hunters already seem to have run out of flying objects.

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