Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SCARY BUT TRUE - Agnes, Room 347, Bodie's Curse

SciFi - Original Air Date: 2006? Fox Reality

It's beginning to astound me how many of these shows there are.  It seems like every week, I'm flipping channels and I run into one I've never seen before.  Agnes was supposedly walled up in an old mansion that's now a Catholic boarding school.  When one of the students spends the night "alone" in the school, the school bell (unplugged) mysteriously rings, waking her in the night.  (Perhaps it was one of the cameramen or production assistants who were filming the girl while she was "alone.")  In the second story, Room 347, a boy claims to have seen a ghost when he was 4 years old.  HIs mom is shocked to learn that the ghost is known to the hotel staff.  The third story features two teens taking some items from haunted Bodie, California.  Then bad things start happening to them, like aches and pains, rashes, and failing school tests they didn't know were coming.  So they send the items back.  Again, the proof for these "true" stories is about the same as that for true stories told around a campfire.  But at least they're not using bad science to prove their case.  If you want to hear a few creepy tales, this show is harmless enough.

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