Monday, September 28, 2009

DESTINATION TRUTH - Island of the Dolls & Lusca

SyFy Channel - Original Air Date: 9/16/09

Josh & team go to Mexico City to check out an island "haunted" by
possessed dolls. Originally put up to ward off the vengeful spirit of
a dead girl, the dolls are supposed to now be inhabited by spirits
themselves. Could the spirit or the dolls be responsible for the
caretaker's recent death? The team brings offerings (dolls and candy)
to lure out the island's spirits. Soon, the crew is being freaked out
by the dolls - including one that seems to open an eye in response to
something Josh says. (Or was it just entropy?) The group has
numerous other eerie experiences before heading back to check their
tapes and EVP stuff. They think they hear the word "leave," but why a
dead Mexican girl would speak English, they don't speculate. So, they
take their evidence to the Ghost Hunters, who give the standard
supernatural explanations. But as they review the tape, I notice that
the antenna of Josh's radio comes awfully close to the doll whose eye
opens. Perhaps it disturbed the doll or a cobweb connected to the
doll? The GH conclude there are supernatural goings on, between the
orbs on the Fleer, the EVPs, and various other sounds. I however,
remain unconvinced, and note that Mexico is a very superstitious
place. Remove the dolls, which are undeniably creepy, and I doubt
people would worry about this place.

Next, the team goes to the Bahamas to hunt for the Lusca, a giant
octopus that supposedly lives in the "blue holes," caverns that
connect to underwater tunnels beneath Andros Island -- one of the
least explored islands in the area. They pick up some spiffy Bahamian
Destination Truth shirts (I want one!), and head out to look for the
monster. They talk to a man who's encountered the creature, which he
describes as 40-50 feet, and Josh has trouble locating a captain brave
enough to take the team to hunt the beast. So Josh rents a boat and
captains himself. Then he and Jael go diving toward one of the blue
holes in an area teaming with sharks, which quickly chase them from
the water. When the sharks leave, Josh dives into the hole. He spots
something huge, in the cave but has to return to the surface to avoid
getting the bends. Josh decides to try and find the creature from the
landward end of the blue hole cavern. Josh now dives to 170 feet,
deeper than he has ever gone before (and in the dark to boot). Again,
he sees something huge, again confirmed by sonar, and strange
disturbances on the surface. Gamely, Jael goes into the water when
Josh finally surfaces, and they get some Fleer hits, before returning
home. But they have no clear pictures and, sadly, an expert cannot
say what they saw based on the evidence -- though they did get a big
splash at one point (hard to tell if it was Jael). So a monster?

I'm not too thrilled with the ghostly stuff featured in the last two
episodes, but the monster hunting is a hoot, as always, making for
another fun episode of my favorite paranormal show.

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