Saturday, September 26, 2009

MYSTERYQUEST: Hitler's Escape

History Channel - Original Air Date: 9/16/09

From the producers of MonsterQuest comes this new, less-monster
focused show. The premier episode (so far as I know), focuses on
whether Hitler actually died as the history books say. The MQ team
pokes around Germany (and Russia) for evidence, takes some samples of
Hitler's supposed bones and blood, and concludes that the usually
accepted account cannot be correct. For one thing, the story of the
remaining eyewitness is inconsistent, both with the facts, and with
earlier versions he gave. For another, the supposed skull of Hitler
actually belonged (according to DNA tests) to a woman. So, questions
asked, but -- like MonsterQuest -- no actual answers provided. But
perhaps a starting point for another episode.

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