Monday, September 28, 2009

DESTINATION TRUTH - King Tut & Swamp Ape

SyFy Channel - Original Air Date: 9/23/09

The team ventures into Egypt to check King Tut's curse and then
returns home to Florida to look for the Swamp Ape. Josh and company
get permission to stay the night in Tut's tomb and investigate the
paranormal (a world first) -- after kicking around Cairo a bit first,
of course. From there they go to Luxor (Thebes) to visit the Valley
of the Kings, where filming at night has never been done before. They
talk to valley guards who have seen ghost-like apparitions, and fear
to travel alone at night. They get to the valley and begin poking
around, following sounds Jael thinks she hears, and Josh thinks he an
odd shadow (possible reflection) on the Fleer. As they start their
investigation into the curse, a sand storm blows through. Then they
get mysterious EMF readings and hear a voice in the tomb. One of
their number goes down with stomach cramps, but they continue their
vigil. Josh hears strange noises from the tunnel, but there's nobody
there, and another team member hears moaning and has a panic/asthma
attack. But were these personal experiences supernatural? Several
sounds show up on tape, but what they are remains open to
interpretation. And why would a Pharaoh speak English? There's also
one mysterious photo, taken by a camera trap, which shows a strange
cloth-like shape. In the end, they bring back no incontrovertible
evidence, but it was a cool investigation.

From there, they head to Florida to look for the famous Swamp
Ape/Skunk Ape, and the segment-opening montage shows a some photos,
many of which have been debunked. (But, hey, they look cool.) After
indulging in the local food (as usual): gator & frogs' legs, they head
into Big Cyprus Swamp to look for the bigfoot of the SE. They see a
lot of gators and a possible creature walking upright -- unfortunately
not caught on camera. They then hike in further and set up camp and
cameras. The swamp is alive with gators, snakes, and other creatures
-- including something that knocks over one of their cameras. After a
long and scary night, they head home to check their evidence. The
Fleer caught an upright shape that might have been a bear, and one of
their set cameras, they spot what is probably a rare Florida panther.
But, Josh notes, there is no evidence of contemporary great apes in
North America, and perhaps witnesses are merely seeing bear. Until
there is more solid proof, who can say?

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