Sunday, October 17, 2010


SyFy - Original Air Date: 10/14/10

The BL team looks into the Navajo legend of the monster bird, which could allegedly pick up humans and dash them onto high cliffs.  They investigate the beast's supposed habitat and hear the legends.  They check out both eagles and condors (including a hang glider who was attacked by one), and talk to a pterosaur expert.  They end up with a cross between condor, eagle, & pterosaur (claw hands on the wings), and create their usual beast film, in which the monster carries of a human to drop on the rocks. It's pretty cool, though at one point, the creature they come up with reminded me of The Giant Claw.  Awk!

I'm a bit concerned that, after much initial hoopla, this show seems to have been relegated to a late-night only timeslot -- the hour it had occupied being occupied by re-runs of other shows.  Is Beast Legends about to slip into legend itself?

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