Sunday, October 10, 2010

Solving History with Olly Steeds - Nazca Lines

Planet Green - Original Air Date: Unknown

I stumbled across this program one Sunday morning.  It's a science/exploration series with a genial British host -- think a less frenetic Bear Grylls.  This episode investigates and discards many of the well-known theories about the Nazca Lines.  Theories dismissed include astronomical mapping and alien construction.  The host, Olly Steeds, talks to investigators, archeologists, and grave robbers.  He is given hallucinogens by a shaman and visits a Nazca graveyard.  Finally, he settles on a scientifically supported theory, that the lines were sacred pathways walked by pilgrims to the site.  Both studious and entertaining, this series seems a good one to watch in the future.

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