Thursday, October 7, 2010

DESTINATION TRUTH - Siberian Snowman

SyFy - Original Air Date: 10/8/10

In a rare, single-story show, Josh and crew go to Russia to look for the Siberian Snowman, a.k.a. bigfoot -- which Josh notes is their most popular subject.  (Gee, I never would have guessed from the number of times Monster Quest has done bigfoot -- by my estimation, about a third of their shows.)  Naturally, the DT team plays with the locals before taking the Trans-Siberian Railway and hiking into the snow-bound wilds.  They set up the usual camera trap stuff and then trudge into the darkness, hoping to find bigfoot and avoid hungry bears and wolves.  They find what looks like a big nest, but Josh notes it might just be debris washed down by the stream.  Some crew members get spooked by a noise coming downhill in the dark, and while they're running away, they find a strange fur sample.  Meanwhile, Josh finds a long line of huge footprints (though it's hard to tell how big they might have been originally, as they look melted out).  More tracks lead to wolves, which pursue Josh's team.  (I want to know if the teams are packing heat. I would in these wilderness areas.)

Next day, they head to another Russian bigfoot hotspot.  More poking around at night commences.  In this location, something breaks their perimeter sensors, but they don't find anything, though another team turns up more "bipedal" tracks.  Many sets of tracks, including what looks like an area where a big animal bedded down.  Digging in the bed, they find no hair, but do find a urine sample.  Later, they get a thermal hit, but can't locate what caused it.  (This happens a lot in these shows.)  Nor can they find its tracks.  From there, it's back to LA for analysis.  But the thermal hits are too distant for any ID. Their expert says whatever made the prints was heavy, and appears to be walking bipedal.  The mysterious fur is from an ibex, though that doesn't account for the tracks.  They don't talk about the urine sample. So, a mystery? Maybe.  Though they never rule out bear.

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