Saturday, November 13, 2010

DESTINATION TRUTH - Ghost of Menegai; Kalanoro

SyFy - Original Air Date: 10/14/10

Josh & Crew head to Africa to prowl a haunted volcano and to Madagascar to look for a small, savage creature.  The Menangai crater is in Masai country in Kenya.  It is reportedly haunted by the spirits of those killed in a battle on its rim.  The forest-filled crater is 6 miles wide, so there's a lot of ground to cover.  After touring Nairobi and hobnobbing with the locals, they hop a train and then head by boat and foot into the wilderness.  After a stop at a Masai village for advice (and to obtain an offering for a blessing), the team climbs into the crater.  There, they set up the usual cameras and equipment and go prowling in the dark for ghosts.  Shortly after they make their ritual sacrifice, they start seeing strange shapes in the darkness and hearing strange cackling noises.  (Wildlife?)  In a cave, they see an unexplained light and hear whispering/singing voices.  Back in LA, they see something blurry on a camera, plus the strange light, and hear the "singing" on their recordings.  They have no good explanations.

In Madagascar they go hunting for the Kalanoro, a mischievous tiny, hairy humanoid with razor-sharp claws; it also has backward feet.  After the usual fooling around with the locals, they get some lessons on local fauna and talk to an American biologist who claims to have seen the thing.  Then they head out into the jungle, set up the usual cameras, and stomp around in the dark looking for the creature.  They find some tracks that look like tiny human feet, but the ground is bad for casts, so they take pictures.  They also catch something on the FLIR heat-sensing camera.  Based on the size of the eyes and the thermal image, they determine they were probably photographing nocturnal lemurs; the "footprint" was too undefined to identify.  It seems likely that the Kalonoro is merely an amalgam of local animals, but since Madagascar is still home to a wilderness uncorrputed by man, the show concludes that it's possible something is still out there.

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