Thursday, November 4, 2010

DESTINATION TRUTH - Haunted Island Ruins; Moroccan

SyFy - Original Air Date: 10/21/10

Josh and crew head to Nan Madol in Pohnpei, Micronesia, to check out the haunted jungle city, a.k.a. the "Venice of the Pacific."  They clown with the locals, as usual, and then get the blessing of a tribal chief to visit the city.  Of course, they set up cameras and then tramp around in the dark across the city's island and canals.  They spot an "orb" in the trees, and Josh gets violently ill conducting an EVP session.  (Eerily similar to an earlier explorer who died after removing artifacts.)  An IV drip gets him well enough to return home.  Josh wonders if the orb is an insect, or perhaps mechanical.  EVP sessions turn up the usual fuzzy "voices."  Josh's illness might be connected to a cold snap they experienced within one of the buildings/tombs.  Conclusion?  Something powerful, confirming many legends, is lurking in the ruins.

They next go to Morocco to look for Aisha Kandisha, a succubus who lures men to their deaths in the wilderness.  Recent reports and disappearances lure the crew out to the desert to check out some abandoned casabas.  After setting up base camp, they tromp around in the ruins in the dark to look for a "topless woman with goat legs."  They're spooked by bats and nearly crushed by a falling wall.  They hear sounds, but sounds travel in the desert, and they wonder if people hearing such things (from neighboring villages) have helped inspire this legend.  Teeth fragments they find turn out to be from a cow, and a leg bone brought back with them belongs to a cow, too.  They find nothing to substantiate the legend.

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