Friday, November 5, 2010

DESTINATION TRUTH - Guam Zombies; Fangaloblo

SyFy - Original Air Date: 10/28/10

Josh & team go back to Madagascar to look for the monster bat fangaloblo, a 5' bat rumored to carry off the unwary.  The DTers fly to the African isle, hobnob with the locals, talk to witnesses, and witness a street fight.  They then take motorbikes into the wilderness to find the monster.  (Josh needs to learn to wear a helmet.)  Rickety canoes take them into some caves, and dump them into crocodile infested waters.  Fortunately, they survive, and, later bike even further into the wilds to find even bigger caves, and set up base camp.  Then they hike through dangerous caves and cliffs and over a rope bridge.  They find many bats in the caves, though no obvious giants, but they do get a big thermal hit they can't explain.  They do find a "claw" that puzzles their expert back home, too; he thinks the people of Madagacar are seeing something real, possibly a very large bat.

Next, the DT team goes to Guam to look for ghostly zombies, the Taotaomona that haunt the jungles and remote caves of the island (which is an American territory).  As always, the crew  hangs with the locals and gets some background on the zombies, which erected (according to legend) the island's many standing stones.  Later, the DT folk listen to a purported taotaomona moan (EVP) and perform a ceremony to communicate with native ancestors.  A camera man accidentally steps on a sacred stone, possibly incurring the taotaomona's wrath, and later badly cuts his knee.  Shortly thereafter, their tech manager badly scrapes herself up on a cliff climb, after tying a rope to a sacred banyan tree.  Oops.  After setting up the usual base camp, the crew tromps around in the dark looking for zombies.  They hear moans and get strange reactions from their electrical sensors.  When doing an EVP session, one team member is "pushed" in the back - leaving a mark visible on the thermal camera.  They also catch a mysterious shadow on camera, and can find no explanation for it.  While Josh declares their investigation eventful, he is unwilling to say the events are paranormal.

Thus ends another "season" (half season) of Destination Truth on SyFy.  It's been another fun romp with Josh & crew, if not full of earth-shaking discoveries.

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