Thursday, November 13, 2008

MONSTERQUEST: Sasquatch Attack 2

History Channel - Air Date: 11/12/08

The MQ team returns to the remote Canadian cabin where, last year, they had strange occurrences that might have been attributed to bigfoot.  They've returned this time loaded for . . . well, bigfoot.  They've got more and better cameras, a "blind" to hide their surveillance equipment (making the cabin appear deserted at night), scent traps, camera traps and all sorts of science stuff.  They've also got new DNA and hair analysts (back home), utilizing more advanced science than previously.  As you recall last time, this cabin had been attacked by some strange creature which ransacked it.  A "nail trap" left by the owner seemed to have wounded something with very big feet.  Then there were the "rock throwing" incidents during filming.  The cabin is too remote for pranksters, and no known North American animals throw rocks.

Unfortunately, the new, well-equipped stake-out comes up empty -- though as they're waiting, a bigfoot is sighted 125 miles away.  Theorizing that the late spring may have kept the creature further south to feed on blueberries, the crew decides to pack up and relocate their search.  They interview witnesses and search the area, but find only bear tracks and one possible footprint in the grass.  Sadly, again, it seems this team has come up a day late and a dollar short.  The new DNA tests find only fungus, no primate DNA (as before).  Is the sample just too degraded, or was the old test contaminated?  A hair reclaimed from a fishing rod case thrown at the cabin (in a recent incident) proves to be merely human hair.  But what has done the throwing?  Perhaps a longer expedition -- say, a few months -- could find out.

In the meantime, it wouldn't surprise me if this "bigfoot cabin" is now fetching a premium price as "fishing" rental with other monster hunters.  While entertaining, this episode adds little new to the previous case.  Too bad they brought all those experts and all that equipment for nothing.  Maybe next time.

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