Wednesday, November 12, 2008

UFO HUNTERS - Hist. - UFO Emergency

History Channel - Original Air Date: 11/5/08

The team looks into two historical cases of UFO encounters, one from 1994, another from 2000, which were investigated by police officers in Ohio and Illinois.  The show is filled with dispatcher audio tapes, and features interviews with cops and dispatchers, too.  In the Trumble County, Ohio case, Sgt. Molaro sees something that lit up the highway with bright lights, flew silently, and may have been cylindrical.  At the same time, his car stalled and his radio became inoperable.  When the object moved away, the car started on its own.  What did these officers and people see?  The show then recaps other similar encounters from history, and interviews a witness from 28 years earlier.  As a trucker, he watched a UFO with a bright beam of light move over his rig (as he hid underneath).  Both present and past witnesses describe the UFOs moving off at incridble speed.  In 2000, a similar incident took place near Lebanon, Highland, & Millstaff, Illinois.  A new video has come to light, purporting to show the UFO from that night, January 4th -- though the video is from much earlier in the evening (8pm) than the police sighting (4am).  The witness claims that the four lights appeared in various formations.  Expert Ted declares the 20-minute tape appears to be good quality and perhaps they can learn something from it--but they learn very little.  The show brings in a CGI sketch artist to interview the witnesses and create a simulation model -- but the two sketches are very different, though there is some overlap.  (The investigation crew suggests that it could be because of the sighting conditions.)  The team then investigates a similar incident, nine months earlier, in 1994 in Holland, Michigan -- again, four lights were seen in the sky.  Though the narrator says that multiple people were seeing the same object in these cases, the descriptions don't really match.  Radar signatures suggest a fast-moving object that breaks into three objects.  The radar operator seems to confirm details of the police sightings from the incident.  But no one has any idea what either the lights or radar hits could actually be.

And, of course, being a mythology show, UFO Hunters doesn't offer any non-alien possibilities.  As usual, the show's "investigations" consist of interviewing witnesses, compiling 911 tapes, doing recreations, and speculating about the alien nature of the craft, whatever they may have been.

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