Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unexplained: UFOs

SciFi Channel - Original Air Date: 11/16/08

This is George Noory's new show, playing every night or so on the SciFi channel.  It's a half-hour format covering a single subject each night.  Unfortunately, I missed the first segment of this episode, which was probably about the Stepheville, TX sightings.  (See previous Howls blogs.)  The second segment included some fuzzy footage of lights in the sky and strings of lights, with not much explanation of what we were supposed to be seing (perhaps I missed that), though some was supposedly from a police car camera at Stephenville.  The second segment featured an interview with expert Linda Mouton Howe and a police witness, who talked about the Stephenville case, as well as taking a few caller questions.  In the third segment, George interviewed frequent Coast-to-Coast guest (and Dreamland host) Whitley Strieber.  Striber talked about his alien encounter/abduction/molestation -- details of which are probably familiar to readers of Communion (or those who have seen the movie).

This is the first show in the series I've watched, so it's a bit hard to judge (especially having missed part of it), but it seemed a bit heavy on the story/mythos/conspiracy elements and pretty much free of scientific counterpoint.  Still, if you like Art Bell's old radio show, this is probably worth looking at.  A half hour, though (minus commercials) is not a lot of time to dig into the subjects presented.

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