Sunday, November 23, 2008

UFO HUNTERS - First Contact: Aurora, Texas

History Channel - Original Air Date: 11/19/08

A brief review, as this is another in the UFO Hunters' "mythos" shows -- with lots of story, speculation, and theory, and no real (incontrovertible) evidence.  The team goes to Texas to investigate an 1897 incident in which a UFO allegedly hit a windmill on a ranch.  The ranch's well water was said to be contaminated, and an alien body was supposedly buried in a nearby cemetery.  The end result is that the team discovers the well was closed for non-alien reasons, though there was metal (aluminum -- possibly from the windmill) found there and in the property.  An ancient tree also sets off a metal detector (possibly from "molten debris" embedded in its wood), and ground-penetrating radar seems to indicate an umarked grave in the spot indicated by legend.  Unfortunately, the team doesn't have authority to dig up the alleged grave.  So, again, a lot of poking around and speculating, but little else.  If you like UFO stories and little or no proof, this show remains the one for you.

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