Thursday, April 16, 2009


History Channel  -- Original Air Date: 4/15/09

MonsterQuest tackles Ogopogo, the monster from Lake Okenagen in Canada.  They recount the usual stories and legend of the beast, and show brief glimpses of many of the famous photos -- most of which seem to show some kind of waves in the water.  They also show some new photos, which seem to show something in the water with a boat in the foreground.  MQ detected no forgery, but the pictures are terribly blurry, and, to me, seem as though they could be some kind of optical illusion -- though the witnesses claim they saw a creature.  MQ mounts an expedition to explore the lake and underwater caves.  The team quickly sees some interesting surface disturbances and feeding birds, but no signs of the monster.  One man claims that the beast is a mega-serpent trapped in the lake.  More witness tell intriguing tales of seeing the "creature."  When the MQ helicopter spots a strange thermal trail, the team goes diving to investigate.  Could it be a large cold-blooded creature bringing up cold water from below?  The divers find nothing concrete, and one nearly gets lost in a sink hole at the bottom of the lake.  The show speculates that the holes could be caused by a large burrowing creature.  A professor theorizes that many sightings could be the result of unusual wave forms generated below the surface of the water.  The team finds a strange carcass, about two feet long, on the bottom of the lake, but -- despite its resemblance to an old sketch made of the monster by a lake captain -- it turns out to be a decomposed salmon.  Sadly, despite intriguing stories and video, we once again have a monster-free MonsterQuest.

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