Sunday, April 5, 2009

UFO HUNTERS - Greys Conspiracy

History Channel - Original Air Date: 4/1/09

Are short gray aliens actually coming to earth to abduct people? Bill thinks so; Kevin thinks their so-called appearances have been influenced by movies and pop culture.  They talk to a woman who was supposedly kidnapped (by greys) from a car with three friends -- though Kevin points out that no one else remembers the incident.  Frankly, her experience sounds like a fairly common fantasy, very similar to the contactee experiences of the 50s.  The team then moves to a couple who have "recovered" their alien experiences through hypnotic "regression."  They then talk to a magazine publisher who believes in ancient astronauts, and from there move to the "star child" skull.  They talk to the nurse who owns the skull and then the "expert" who has been studying the skull for years -- and is convinced of its alienness.  Of course, since what he says about DNA testing isn't entirely true (there are many reasons a nuclear DNA test might fail), I tend to doubt the rest of his conclusions.  Bill, of course, believes it all and ties it all into Roswell.  They take the star child skull for capacity testing -- and the star child seems to have more skull capacity (15% more).  But, as Kevin points out, that doesn't make it alien.  They have a special-effects artist recreate the face that might have gone with the skull.  Bill sees an alien; Kevin sees a misshapen human (I see the Elephant Man).  They also talk to an exo-biologist about what aliens might or might not look like.  Bill decides now that the skull looks like a hybrid (part of a plan to take over the earth).  Kevin points out that Bill always has an excuse.  For Bill, stories are proof, with no need for incontrovertable physical evidence.  For him, as always, the myth is enough.  For me?  I'd like to have run a new DNA test.

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