Thursday, April 16, 2009

UFO HUNTERS - Underwater Alien Bases

History Channel - Original Air Date: 4/8/09

Bill is convinced that there are underwater UFO bases, especailly off the coast of Florida (near Gulf Breeze).  Kevin, the skeptic, wonders how they will find proof.  Their first Witness, a former Navy man, has a satellite picture that seems to show two straight, intersecting lines underwater off the coast of Cuba.  Unfortunately, since it's in Cuban waters, they can't investigate.  (Maybe they could since last week's change in US/Cuba relations.  Or maybe not, since later in the show they lose their approved visas when Cuba learns they want to hunt UFOs.)  Bill insists these "lines" could not be natural objects -- though why underwater UFOs would need landing strips, he doesn't say. One of the strips seems to "point to" Guantanamo Bay.  The team also interviews a Guantanamo Bay Petty Officer who saw strange lights in the water.  He was ahead of a group of peers, but had not been drinking; none of his friends saw the lights.  The team interviews a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) "expert" who claims the USOs have force fields and can enter the water without a splash.  He also says sources inside NASA and the military have told him the USOs live in a network of tunnels beneath the earth from Cuba to Alaska.  He makes many other outrageous claims, too, all of which Bill seems to believe.  They also collect the usual type of eyewitness stories.  Bill compares these sightings to the Ed Walters Gulf Breeze UFO photos; he mentions that some believe Walters to be a hoaxer, but Gulf Breeze is still the UFO center of the world.  (He neglets to mention there's an airforce base right next to Gulf Breeze which probably contributes to slightings of "strange thigns" in the sky.)  They next interview an "expert" in the photos, who seems to believe in the photos' reality.  They then "prove" how difficut the photos would be to fake (while, at the same time, using the well-known "flying hat" photo as an example of how to do a doulbe exposure).  A ship captain claims to have seen a UFO bigger than his ship emerging from the water without making any wake.  Kevin notes the captain was sleep deprived, and it may have been a sleep-related hallucination.

Pat goes out with a shark fisherman who claims to see glowing orbs under the water.  Kevin says that these lights are being caused by bioluminscence, and Pat seems to confirm this.  Unfortunately, there is no camera in the kayak with Pat.  Also unfortunately, his boat gets bumped by sharks, and he goes missing for a while.  While Pat was gone, Kevin, the shark guy, claims to have seen a very large glowing object in the water, and not bioluminescence.  (I'm not convinced he knows anything about science or marine biology.)  Too bad Pat missed it.  The team tries some experiments to see if they can create an object that can enter the water without splashing, as USOs are reported to do.  They use various hydrophillic (having an affinity for water) coatings to try to reduce the splash -- but they only make it worse.  Naturally, Bill comes up with a science-fiction way, without any proof, that the UFOs/USOs could do be splashless -- and believes his own line.  In the end, we have no new videos, only blurry old (dubious) photos.  To answer Kevin's question, "How will we find proof?"  We won't.  At least, not on this show.

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