Tuesday, April 28, 2009


History Channel - Original Air Date: 4/22/09

Bill and Pat see some connection between the end of WWI and the start of the UFO flap less than a decade later; Kevin points out that though the German technology was advanced, it was conventional technology, not UFO tech.  The team goes to New Mexico to talk to an Air Force vet who has a "mysterious" Nazi compass.  The compass is a special one that points mechanically to the north star rather than using magnetic fields for navigation.  The vet believes this compass was part of a German UFO navigation system -- guiding a formation he saw over NM as a boy.  He got the compass from a military salvage yard; it was made in Germany.  (The UFO connection seems a big jump to me.)  So the team goes to Germany.  There they talk to a man who believes that spiritual mediums, called the Brill Society (sp?) were channeling energy to power UFOs (or at least super weapons).  Bill describes this power as "The Force" from Star Wars.  Another man tries to tie flying saucers to the development of the Nazi nuclear bomb -- but he notes if they had it "...Do you really believe they would have lost the war?"  Bill believes that German scientists withheld the tech from the Reich, and also that the use of spirit mediums is what gave the Germans a technolotical edge.  As they look for German super-weapons, Bill says he thinks UFOs "seeded" the German technology.  They talk to a geophysicist who speculates about using magnetic forces to power aircraft -- like the NM UFOs.  At this point, the show is looking like even more of a fishing expedition than usual, and all Kevin's been doing is explaining technology in sidebars.

They go to a Polish underground Nazi complex called Der Reiser (sp?) to try and find a UFO connection.  A local expert thinks there remain secret areas of the underground base -- which he proves using a burning tissue and an updraft.  Somewhere at the end of this pipe, there must be a huge cavity, but all the entrances have been blown up.  (Why has no one excavated this archological treasure?)  They speculate that a secret craft was being built here.  The guide leads them to a strange circular arch, "henge," that might have been a focus for the power of this super weapon/craft -- which had earlier been speculated as a possible time/space machine.  (So, if this was so important, why does there seem to have been no serious archology?)  Unfortunately for their theories, Kevin finds a water tower supported by an identical "henge" structure; Bill remains convinced the watertower theory is just camouflage.  They see a hospital complex that one man claims was doing research of the effects of space on human physiology; Kevin points out that the equipment could have been used to treat respiratory problems.  Kevin also points out that their leads always lead to dead ends and unverifiable witness reports; Bill says that's because all the info they're looking for is Top Secret.  (That's right, everything's a conspiracy to Bill.)  Back home, an aviation/UFO buff talks about the connection between German and post-war American aviation.  He also gives more details about "The Bell," an experimental Nazi "aircraft" -- which the show suggests is related to the Kecksburg incident.  The buff suggests that a Nasa scientist, former German, connects the Bell to Kecksburg.  Bill connects the relocation placement of numerous former Nazi scientists to UFO sighting areas.  And that's as far as the story goes.  But despite Bill's wrap up at the end, the show has once again failed to prove anything, and leaves us with only more speculation and UFO mythology.


Anonymous said...

a good summary. the show was a lot of nonsense. Especially that stuff about "The Bell" which I understand was supposed to warp space-time, just like in Star Wars. Why were the UFO's so interested in the master race? The show seems to suggest that Aryans were planted here on earth by an alien civilization.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

Yeah, the Master Race from Space tack was more than a bit annoying to me, too.